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PhD (integrated) degree (MS-PhD) Program

    Research-based learning is the hallmark of RCB academic program. The PhD (integrated) degree program (MS-PhD in Biotechnology) is offered to students with graduate degree in any discipline of science, engineering or medicine. The program in its first year (1st and 2nd semester) provides extensive learning opportunities in the broad field of life sciences and biotechnology though rigorous classroom teaching and hands-on laboratory experiments. In the second year, the student is mostly required to work in a research lab under the supervision of a research guide in an area of mutual scientific interest, and submit a Master's dissertation at the end of the 4th semester. Based on the performance review of the student, he may be advised to exit the program with a Master's degree (provided all academic and other requirements have been fulfilled) or permitted to continue in the program for pursuing the PhD thesis research in the same laboratory. At this stage, the student can also exercise his choice to exit the program with a Master's degree on satisfactory completion of the course and dissertation requirements.

    The PhD (integrated) program is governed by the RCB ordinances and regulations. The course curriculum has a very significant emphasis on laboratory training, and following the completion of the course work the student is required to work for a Master's dissertation followed by a PhD thesis.

    MS-PhD curriculum