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Past Events

Dates   Title   Contacts / Organizer  
November 15th -18th , 2022 IUBMB Focused Meeting (Nov 2022)
MK Bhan Auditorium, RCB
August 16th- 19th, 2022 India EMBO Lecture Course 2022
MK Bhan Auditorium, RCB
June 30th, 2022 RCB 1st Convocation Ceremony
MK Bhan Auditorium, RCB
March 2nd, 2022 RCB Day celebrations
MK Bhan Auditorium, RCB
February 28th, 2022 National Science Day
MK Bhan Auditorium, RCB
October 22nd , 2021 Online Workshop on ‘Confocal Microscope-based drug screening (High content imaging)’
October 20th , 2021 Online Workshop on ’Basics of Electron Microscopy’
Oct 05th - 06th , 2021 Cloud-based Hands-on Workshop: Computational Structure-based Screening and Explicit Molecular Dynamics
September 15th , 2021 Online Workshop on ‘Mass Spectroscopy Based Proteomics’
March 15th - March 21th , 2021 Brain Awareness Week
March 3rd, 2021 Workshop on Basics of Electron Microscopy
IISF 2020
Feb 04th, 2021 Online workshop on Mass Spectrometry based Proteomics
March 24th, 2020 RCB Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics Workshop RCB
March 16th, 2020 The 3rd RCB Bioimaging School RCB
March 2nd, 2020 RCB Day RCB
Feb 24th - Feb 29th , 2020 Workshop on Molecular Neurobiology RCB
Jan 31st - Feb 1st , 2020 International conference on Calcium Signaling RCB
Jan 21st - Jan 22nd , 2020 Science Communication and Careers Workshop RCB
25th- 27th Nov 2019 Workshop on Basic Course on High Content Imaging
(Last date of registration has been extended to 12th November 2019)
5th- 8th Nov 2019 Biomolecular Interaction Study Technologies Workshop RCB
5th Nov 2019 World Science Day RCB
16th Oct 2019 RCB Open Day RCB
4th Oct 2019 Cluster Young Investigator's Symposium RCB
07th-08th August 2019 Workshop on DNA Sequencing Technology and Droplet Digital PCR ATPC (RCB)  
2nd - 4th July 2019 Workshop on Protein Production and Purification RCB  
1st-15th May 2019 Swachh Pledge at RCB on 1st May 2019 RCB  
25th-30th March 2019 The 2nd RCB Bioimaging School RCB  
06th-08th March 2019 Regional Training on STI Policy RCB  
12th-16th February 2019 Structure Assisted Development of Novel Therapeutics Workshop RCB  
31st January 2019 Science Communication Workshop RCB  
1st February 2019 Workshop on Careers in Science RCB  
17-20 December 2018 RCB Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics Workshop RCB  
12-14 Nov 2018 International Symposium on Infectious Diseases RCB, JH  
24th Sep 2018 RCB Open Day (24th September 2018) RCB
11th April, 2018 Signing Ceremony of MoA between DBT and UNESCO, concerning the RCB RCB
19th-24th March, 2018 RCB Bioimaging School Dr. Sivaram V. S. Mylavarapu and Dr. Sam Jacob Mathew (RCB)  
2nd February, 2017 1st RCB-AIST mini-symposium on Cellular Mechanisms in Health and Disease Dr. Sam Jacob Mathew
18-20th December, 2016 Structural Proteomics of Macromolecular Complexes using X-ray crystallography and Mass-spectrophotometry Dr. Tushar Kanti Maiti, Dr. Deepti Jain, Dr. Nirpendra Singh
15th - 20th Feb 2016 Computational Biotechnology at the Nanoscale: CCP4 Workshop 2016 RCB, CCP4, JNU, AIIMS, NII & ICGEB.
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15th-17th December 2014 International Symposium-cum-workshop on "Frontiers of Structural Biology: New advances in  X-ray diffraction and Cryo-electron Microscopy" Dr. Deepti Jain, Dr. Deepak Nair, Dr. Vengadesan Krishnan
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24th-29th November 2014 Joint IUBMB-RCB Advanced School-2014 "Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Networks, Crosstalks and Interventions" Dr. Ujjaini Dasgupta
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21st-23rd Nov, 2013 The Applications of X-ray Crystallography to Drug Discovery AIIMS, JNU, NII & RCB
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21st-25th Oct, 2013 Proteomics, Biomarkers and Diagnostics Tushar K Maiti, K Vengadesan/RCB
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30th Sept, 2013 "Hands on Workshop on Proteopedia"  A Powerful Tool for Biomolecular Communication  and a 3D Web Encyclopedia of Biomolecules K Vengadesan/RCB
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12th-16th Oct, 2012 Eukaryotic Model Organisms Sivaram Mylavarapu, Chittur Srikanth/RCB   
4th-9th June, 2012 Platforms for Molecular Cross-talks in Modern Biology Avinash Bajaj, Tushar K Maiti/RCB  
15th-19th Feb, 2010 From Crystals to Structure JNU, AIIMS, NII and RCB  
27th Oct-3rd Nov, 2009 Biologics: From discovery to development ICGEB and RCB