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Information and Communication Facilities at RCB

The Information and Communication facilities at RCB are continuously evolving within the newly established sprawling 200 acres of vast NCR-BSC Campus. An impressive array of information technologies and resources have currently been deployed with a harmonious blend of old and new– notable among these are:

High Performance Computing Cluster & IT Infrastructure: A high performance computing (HPC) cluster with 8 nodes and a total of 128 processors is available for research in computational biology. The Information and Communication facilities at RCB are continuously evolving with state-of-the-art facilities. All the computers at RCB are provided with the latest updated software and hardware. Internet, printing and scanning facilities are also available throughout the network. An impressive array of information technologies and resources have been deployed with a harmonious blend of old and new, notable among these are:

Computing Facilities: The Institute has three state of the art Computer facilities. All the computers facility in the Institute are provided with the latest updated software and hardware. Internet, printing and scanning facilities are also available through network. Desktops/ Laptops, multifunction printers have been provided to the staff with internet connectivity. There are about 200+ client machines with windows 10, Linux (CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and Mac OS X. There is a common Personal Computer in each lab for students to access various commercial off-the-shelf software such as Adobe Premium & Standard Suite 6, Systat 13, Sigma Plot, PyMol, Graphpad Prism, Turnitin, Endnote x6/x8/x9, and Corel Draw Graphics Suite x6 for preparing manuscripts, various reports and presentations. Quick heal Seqrite end point security total edition 7.4 has been implemented as protection from viruses, adware, spyware etc. Biometric Attendance System has also been enabled for the staff, to register attendance by simply presenting his/her biometric (fingerprint). In addition, online resources are available for scholars for research, case studies and for preparation of their projects.

Graphics Lab: The graphics lab at RCB contains a HPC cluster with eight nodes, a Schrodinger suite server with 3 clients, and workstations for research in computational biology and structure-based drug design.

Internet Connectivity: RCB has 1 Gbps shared internet leased line from National Knowledge Network offering high speed Internet connectivity in the campu. Additionally, a 125 Mbps fiber connectivity has been provisioned from an alternate service provider as a backup. The inter connection is distributed to users and facilities through RCB’s network infrastructure comprises about 1000 metres of fibre, with a 10Gbps backbone, 95+ wireless access points, and 35+ switches that provide on-campus wired connectivity. The RCB has implemented a security policy to ensure the highest levels of network health and security. The Centre has been functioning in conformity with the guidelines of the Government of India with regard to guidelines on IPV6 implementation and has also been an active participant in the Government initiatives of the “Digital India Campaign”. The campus is fully covered by Wi-Fi into all the administrative buildings, labs, advanced platform technology centre (ATPC), and hostels. Wi-Fi access is provided to internal users by media access control (MAC) address authentication and to visitors by separate guest accounts. The Campus Network is protected using Shopos XG310 - where Unified Threat Management as a primary network gateway defense solution has been implemented with traditional firewall built into an all-inclusive security product able to perform multiple security functions: network firewalling, network intrusion detection/prevention (IDS/IPS), gateway antivirus (AV), gateway anti-spam, content filtering, load balancing, data loss prevention, and on-appliance reporting.

E-mail and Website: The e-mail system at RCB, offers a user-friendly web based e-mail allowing users to access mails, both from inside the campus and outside. A very competent & experienced IT service support team has been put in place and the Centre is also in the process of developing & implementing a highly attractive, user-friendly and dynamic web-site. All major information about the institute, academic research, infrastructure, people, job portal, news and announcements is being regularly updated on the website.

Telephone Connectivity: The Campus has a PRI connectivity from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and a distribution of about 250+ extensions for ease of communication within the campus and connecting with the outside world.

Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Facility: Auditorium, conference and seminar halls are equipped with a hi-tech sound and projection system, digital podium and Internet connectivity. These facilities are actively used for regular seminar series, colloquia and distinguished lectures, hands- on workshops and symposiums/ conferences. In addition, projection facility has been setup in classrooms and discussion rooms for regular teaching, lab meetings and scientific discussions. RCB has an Internet-based Video Conferencing Facility setup in the Seminar Hall comprising of Polycom HDX 7000 system. In addition to this, RCB has enrolled subscriptions for various virtual conference meeting rooms for holding virtual seminars or conferences. Classrooms, meeting rooms and conference halls are furnished with the latest digital technology i.e. digital podium, LCD projection system with audio/ video facility and video conferencing systems in the Institute.

Office Automation: RCB is moving towards adapting a paperless work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced. This is done by converting documents and other papers into digital form and development of various online applications (services or facilities) through the intranet portal named eRCB. All the faculty and students have access to this customised online software package being used for administrative applications. The major modules in eRCB are online leave management, user management, vehicle booking, vendor management, HR, visitor management, bill claim portal, purchase workflow etc. RCB In continuation of paperless work environment using office automation, IT has to implement the ERP System in the upcoming year. This system will provide paperless centralised automation mechanism to complete any task faster with the better traceability & reporting. This system will have centralized cover of all the major activities for five sections i.e. Finance, HR, Purchase, Academics & General Administration. In addition to this, many other online services are available over internet accessible from outside Institute. The majors are:

  • Implemented GeM for all kind of purchases at RCB.
  • Central e-Procurement Portal (eWizard) for online tendering of any value.
  • PhD and Integrated PhD Admission portal with integration of payment gateway.
  • Job Portal with integration of payment gateway.
  • Vendor Registration portal etc.