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Overview of Research Infrastructure

The research infrastructure at RCB has been acquired at a rapid pace since inception of the institution. The equipment and facilities are available to all users of RCB as part of a centrally located instrumentation facility, as well as at several other locations throughout the institute. With the scientific strength of RCB increasing steadily, the institute continues to judiciously add both specialized and commonly required equipment in a modern biological laboratory

RCB's present research infrastructure spans several areas of modern biology and its interface with other disciplines. The specialized facilities cover cell biology, high-resolution optical imaging, cell culture facilities, chemical fume hoods, small molecule chemistry, microbiology, protein biochemistry, biophysical analysis of macromolecules, structural biology, proteomics, flow cytometry, plant cell culture, animal tissue sectioning and insect culture facilities. The links on the side give brief descriptions of several of these facilities.

The management of all major equipment is handled by a team of dedicated technical personnel, overseen by the faculty of RCB. An online booking system is used to enable optimal and judicious use of all facilities by multiple users.

In addition to the above infrastructure, RCB users have smooth access to a state-of-the-art advanced technology platform centre (ATPC), which is setup as part of the Faridabad biocluster.

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