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RCB has a small but fully functional library at its present premises in Faridabad, NCR. RCB has procured several copies of standard international textbooks spanning various areas of biotechnology practiced by its researchers and taught in its coursework. At present, the RCB library houses 500 scientific textbooks and 100 administrative books in multiple copies.

In addition, an electronic library provides access to a vast range of primary literature in the form of peer-reviewed journals and reviews, through the DBT electronic library consortium (DeLCON) as well as through institutional subscriptions of other journals. The various publications available at the library can be accessed and issued by RCB scientific personnel through the Library Management software package. New books and journals continue to be acquired by the library to cater to the expanding research interests of the institute. The RCB library aims to provide access to its printed and electronic subscriptions to all bonafide RCB users.

Desktops computers in the library offer access to the internet, online journals and other databases. These desktops are intended for academic use only; any non-academic use including personal emailing, web-browsing, storage of data or installation of software is prohibited.

The librarian and a member of the RCB faculty manage the library. The normal working hours of the library are 9:30 am to 5:30 pm on all working days.


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